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Pelo suave

Pelo suave insistí en una relación abusiva, porque pensé que un día todo cambiaría para mejor y que las cosas estarían en paz. Solo que, cuanto más lo intentaba, más me causaba dolor toda esa situación.

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Soft hair

Soft hair I insisted on an abusive relationship, because I thought that one day everything would change for the better and that things would be at peace. Only, the more I tried, the more that whole situation caused me pain.

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PRE-LAUNCH As humanity, at this moment, we go through History; we are part of it and we face this challenge that puts us in front of our greatest fears. As a poet once said: “fear blinds our dreams”. And dreams are loaded with feelings, desires for accomplishments. In these times, let's dream! Fear is natural,… Continuar lendo PRE-LAUNCH

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O mar e a vida

O mar e a vida O mar calmoDiante da tua grandezaPermanece imóvelPerdido em si. O mar imóvel continua láComo quem não estáMesmo que sua presença seja gritanteO mar continua lá. Quem, como o mar, continua paralisado pelos limites impostos ?Quem é um mar na vida ?Quem, como o mar, diante da tua grandeza continua calmo… Continuar lendo O mar e a vida