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Love is fundamental

Love is fundamental

Our time is a limited time. Time that cannot be wasted. Time runs, and we run after it. How much time have we wasted? 
How many illusions are we clinging to?

We are limited by time and space. Dominated by supposed “powerful”. What's left for us then? Would we be left with the search for a supposed inner elevation? 
Who knows, understanding the "whole", meditating from the experience of this tiny fragment of consciousness. Would it be possible for us, as individuals, to be above good and evil? Who doesn't want to believe that this is possible for us human beings? 
Would just wanting him be enough to undertake such an adventure in this inner quest? Can we walk this path only with the understanding of the experience of love that we have in “hand”? 
Is a path built with a feeling of love that is attached to right and wrong things a good pedagogue to guide us? 
Is our experience with love a good pedagogue we can trust for guidance?

There are, in each one of us, unanswered questions, even higher than the previous ones, which cause us an immense desire to be a better person. Our biggest problem is our little application in directing our willpower. Is there any strength and perseverance in us? We even have a lot of good will, but we lack a lot of determination and perseverance. Going down a path filled with unanswered questions and listening to a feeling we call love doesn't seem reliable. What, then, can we trust?

Love. What is this, in fact, in our life?
Would it be a firm hold in the hands of our conscious and unconscious? Do we feel full inside with bare feet on a dirt road beaten by the values ​​of humanity? 
There are so many things that we need to stop paying attention to and that have taken us out of the path of love. There are so many unanswered questions that we have avoided so as not to have inconveniences; without noticing that, by avoiding such questions, the inconveniences are manifested even more strongly. 
Who knows, maybe one day, before our death, we will have the wisdom to have, as the main goal of our lives, the focus on what the word love has been reflected in us and in our attitudes. And may the word love gain a new and uplifting meaning in this quest that we began on the day of our birth.

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