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In your hands

In your hands

The desire to escape, reveals what we try at all costs to hide, without much success. Let's face our fears to face our reality. Just admit that we have enough problems and we don't know how to solve them. Therefore, we prefer not to accept reality itself as ours.

Despite the fear, the best thing we need to do is to face, with courage and determination, each of the diverse and different haunts that appear before us. Only in this way will we be able to, who knows, in the end, win.

And who knows, maybe we will be able to experience this opportune moment, enjoying the taste of victory? Victory fought with our own hands in the face of our most absurd and so contradictory convictions. We taste victory in the face of the challenges that people and the world offer us, and we, with greatness, repay it with the purest and noblest act of compassion.

Our mission is to transform the “world” we live in into a “world” that is like the most beautiful cultivated garden. May we offer the most delicious honey, from the love that we ourselves produce, in fraternity, compassion, joy and solidarity.

May our hands make the difference in our own lives, in the lives of others and in society as a whole. We need to overflow more of these feelings that generate life. Put down your weapons, let your guards down and welcome each other in a big hug.

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