montagnes Montañas Mountain


Burns are devastating everything
They only stop later
Tears are no longer enough
Indifference has taken over us.
Blue sky vibrates vividly
Death in an overheated land
There is a lack of water
Beauty is no longer seen.
doesn't matter what time it is
Destruction always has an appointment
Our greed is like a steamroller
When we least expect it, we'll pay the price.
live in sadness
In hallucinations
In the day and night that I am suffocated
Prevented from seeing what needs to be seen.
High are the mountains lifting their prayers
Hoping to curb man's insatiable hunger
Awaiting the birth of a new day
And that's worth every sacrifice this fight demands.
Mixed with moments of hope
Of a torturous wait
Of when we will see the blue sky again.
Far from the heart itself
From the tears that dried
From the hate that took the place of love
From life that dies.
In the depths of the soul
Who knows, maybe we'll meet
To fraternize
Celebrating the day of truth that is necessary
Amidst the warmth of socks that warm the feet
Of the cold that rages at night
Of many indigent lives
We know what we need to know.
An embrace denied
From the lives that passed.
I climb the steep mountain
Overcoming the difficulties of a lifetime Ignorance
is what causes the fires
That devastate the history of a lifetime.
Everything repeats itself
Making everything come back
In the suffering that is renewed.
Good and bad
Insatiable desires
Life that depends on the hunger of wanting
glimpse the path
I can see the mountain
I prostrate myself at your feet
Beauty and height dwarf me.
At the foot of the mountain I relive the respect
Caused by a transcendental submission
From the voices I hear
Descending the mountain
That becomes provocative.
Deceit asks for more deceit
I submit my desires
To an involuntary pact of love
That is no longer love.
Desires for sex games.
Maybe it's delusions again.
Lucidity Understanding
conflict causes lucidity
Undoing all evil at the root
Discontinuing what insisted on continuing.
The epic struggle of man against God and the devil
Of man's struggle against himself and oppressive institutions
Changing is necessary
Reconquering is right.
Is man's ancestral cry
Life chained to everything that is petty
How much is this life worth living?
are so many things that need to be resolved
So many wasted lives
There is no such thing as living fully happy
What needs to exist are lives fully engaged, seeking to be happy.
Crumbs of prosperity
This is the choice
Being ethical is our obligation
Enough of kidding.
There in the devastated field
There is a light
That brightly illuminates any dark night
That's where the solution can be found.
On the steep mountain
For the fire that caused so many deaths
But, not everything is pain and resentment
It is also the possibility of transforming pain and resentment into joy.
Difficulties in the fields because of the fires
Tears that no longer feel anything
All as a result of constant fear
Loving, loneliness continues.
montagnes Montañas Mountain
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