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At the height of the plain

At the height of the plain


I’m in life

In the last cry of the soul

Looking for a safe haven.

By whom ?

I beg in the darkness of the attic

Of an existence of few charms

I am the illusion of beauty.

Steep is the mountain

I redirect my path

Despite the changes, I continue to follow

Winning, however, at the cost of the right strategy.

I am fully resolved

Overcoming all the aberrations

As I relearn to be who I am not

Being a human being, who knows.

I’m resisting

However, misrepresenting the meaning of the choice I made

Lying while hiding

Leaving an incomprehensible ballast of resentment.

In the environment, there is a lot of fear

Indicating the evidence of a kidnapping

Who am I in front of everything?

Facing a non-existing existence.

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