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Choose that changes fate

Choose that changes fate 

Dangerous movement 
Respect being disrespected 
Nation in tatters
Collective delirium. 

Dangerous limits have been crossed
Who wants their own death?

Hatred naturalized 
Cordiality failed 
We failed with our possibilities 
Indifference won again. 

Death to the peacemakers
Oblivion to those who promote equality
Ordinary sabotage to democracy
All rights were thrown into the dark pit. 

The sky is cloudy and cold 
As is our civility
No one wants to carry the weight of change 
Because, now, being mediocre is a democratic act. 

I'm possessed by demons 
Intellectually ignorant 
Unable to colonize souls so devoted
Souls being carried in undead bodies. 

We are invited on a daily 
basis To denounce the underhanded movements
That have been destroying our present and our future
Without fear, we cling to hope. 

There at the foot of the mountain 
There is a beautiful source of clean and drinkable water 
. Courage! It is necessary to start the journey again
To drink from this source 
Of clean, potable and democratic water. 

Let's leave our convictions for the greater good
So we don't have our bodies dominated by unfair cruelty 
What do you prefer?
What sacrifice are you willing to make?

Silence reason 
Visualize the possible future that awaits us 

Think of the consequences of today and tomorrow
Get up! 
Choose for life! 
Choose democracy!

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