mensagem com poesia

Healed by love

Healed by love

Evil thoughts flee from your presence

You have a true soul

Love because you believe in the power of love

Odd is the one who knows how to live.

Their admiration is in the presence of those they love

Regardless of the miseries and joys

Odd is the one who knows how to live like this.


Accompanies those who know how to truly love

Powerful is the ability to welcome.

Love is demanding with itself

Whoever is loved by it will always live free

Love is only capable of healing

Happy is he who knows how to live.

As humanity, at this moment, we go through History; we are part of it and we face this challenge that puts us in front of our greatest fears. As a poet once said: “fear blinds our dreams”. And dreams are loaded with feelings, desires for accomplishments. In these times, let's dream! Fear is natural, it protects life, but the dream drives it. Love, beauty, art, music, poetry, is everything that moves the human dream. We invite everyone to focus on their dreams and forget about their fears. Dive into a good read instead of turning on the TV on the news. Listening to good music, contemplating a beautiful landscape, an art. Take a deep breath and reach the certainty that all this will pass, so that our dreams come true. Take care, too, inside. We will resist with poetry in our hearts.
About the author
Carlos de Campos was born in Biritiba Mirim, São Paulo, in 1980. In love with Poetrix. In 2017, he began to write his verses on social networks, expressing himself in a profound way, in reflections and observations about the human condition, among others; analyzing its organization, performance and emotional weather, in a light but concise and incisive way. Not allowing himself to be conditioned by standards, carefully investigating the most conflicting corners of existence and poetically expressing them through his meticulous gaze.
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