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Success is a slow and sure process

Success is a slow and sure process

Understand, you have incredible potential. The future is successful, slow but certain.

Overcoming, it’s what you carry inside you. Dive deep and you will find the source of all the potential that resides within you. Don’t be shaken by momentary difficulties. Your ability and your tools to help you overcome it are enough.

Meditation is key to finding the balance point. Meditation helps by giving the necessary clarity to know how to discern the best path to follow to achieve success. As I said, the road to success is long, slow and full of obstacles. Perseverance is what will guarantee success, because it gives constancy, the courage to always follow.

Despite the feeling that pulsates in me, be it fear, focus on the good things, so that this fear has no power over my will and, thus, I can live happier and more fulfilled.

The future is the construction of a quest that I started back then, and that has been developing until now with successes and mistakes, with joys and sorrows, with life and mourning. And the greatest success, first of all, is to have arrived here alive and willing to continue walking. With this feeling, I can be sure that success is very close to happening and is practically inevitable. Success will happen because of all the effort and loyalty that I put into this quest. I don’t know what is the goal that each one, in their reality, has set themselves to achieve. What I do know is that success is certain.

A focused, attentive, ethical person who knows how to take advantage of every opportunity that comes his way is sure to prosper, without fear of making mistakes, because I believe that everything is an opportunity for valuable, even nobler learning. And everything becomes clearer and more objective.

People who are outside my socializing may look at me and even see me as a failure, but what they don’t see is what moves me. And what moves me is bigger than you. Bigger than anything that can be negative. What moves me cannot be measured with the naked eye, or absorbed by minds with little willingness to understand, see and experience.

I have been present to what moves me. I don’t listen to negative noises, to advice that doesn’t add anything to my evolution. I focus, I love, I persevere and I walk always and continuously with a light life, far from worries, like water that, when encountering an obstacle, doesn’t waste time in whining; she walks around without being affected or offended. This is me ! Letting it consolidate inside, everything I’ve been looking for so far. I let happiness lead me. She is my greatest achievement.

Carlos de Campos

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