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I saw love transform

I saw love transform

Don't be discouraged along the way
May your strength prevail
When everything seems confusing
Don't be discouraged in the search
Because love is soft.

Don't be discouraged along the way
Apparently, not everything is flowers
Not everything is tears
Not everything is 
The joy of rest.

I sense
What until now is just sadness
turn into ecstasy of joy
What was once a dream is now reality
In each heart comfort is reborn.

Here comes the messenger of peace!
The promoter of love
The defender of human dignity
The gardener who cultivates the garden
From the garden that begins to bloom.

I let love in
For, in life, to overcome everything
In the flow of feelings
Noble and high feelings
That are seeds scattered throughout the world.

I turn to hope
I ask for your solidarity
To guide me
May I be a transforming force.
Always direct me towards love.

Inwardly, love moves
Moving me beyond pettiness
Guiding me with great care
Care for the love that welcomes.

When I open myself to love
Spring happens
Flowers and fruits take on colors and flavors
Magnetizing with good feelings
Energy of the highest dignity.

The balance settles on the planet
Purifying us of all our selfishness 
Leading us to realize our failures
That despite everything
There is a solution to so much grudge.

Life continues to be transformed
Guided by the noble feeling of love
Moving from the inside to the outside in a continuous flow
Life continues to be purified by life itself
I live by the love that transmutes everything.

Carlos de Campos

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